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  1. Amazon EMR SSH Setting
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Amazon EMR SSH Setting


  1. When creating cluster, the following rules have to add full access to EMR: ElasticMapReduce:*

    • the EC2 instance profile
    • EMR role:EMR_DefaultRole
    • Auto Scaling role:
  2. Remember to generate a prirate key for ssh connection.

  3. For SSH connection:

    • In security group, Each group, Inbound/Edit, add ssh

    • SSH connection to the master node is simple, following the steps shown on the pages.

    • SSH for the webinterfaces:

    • For windows:

      • Links Option 2 Links Option 2

      • use puttygen convert the private key, save as private key

      • Need a Chrome Extention, search FoxyProxy and install standard version

      • follow the link Option2Part2
    • For Linux still has some problems

Test and it works good.