先源引公告一段: Statement on Oct. 23, 2010 GRE® General Test in China
ETS is working to resolve an issue with the October 23, 2010 administration of the GRE® General Test in China in which a previously-used edition of the test was mistakenly administered. In an effort to protect the validity of GRE scores, ETS has made the difficult decision to cancel all scores resulting from the Oct. 23, 2010 GRE administration in China. ETS is providing those GRE test takers affected by the cancellation the option to either: (a) take a make-up test on Nov. 20, 2010, (b) transfer to the scheduled June 11, 2011 GRE administration, or (c) receive a full refund of their GRE test fee for the October 23, 2010 administration. ETS intends to accelerate the score reporting time frame for the November 20, 2010 make-up so that test scores may be reported to institutions by Dec. 10, 2010. ETS will send communications to affected GRE test takers so that they are informed of these details by Saturday Oct. 30, 2010. ETS regrets that this isolated incident occurred and is taking steps to ensure against a similar occurrence in the future.
谁能从因果循环转世轮回的角度来给我分析分析,这GRE考试没三十年也得有二十年了吧,怎么就这么巧呢……现在我突然想起,为什么我在当初离考试还有一天,手头四本GRE参考书同时到期的情况下选择了续借而没有选择同样不扣钱的赖一天再还,冥冥中命中注定啊…… Tofel考试的日期,每次用到了我都要先去官网登陆查一查,从来记不住; 雅思考试的日期,才过了半个月,就糊涂了;